Collecting football programmes and associated memorabilia has been a popular hobby since the 1950's. Some programmes can be worth thousands of pounds whereas others just a few pence. As a general rule though anything before 1955 will be worth significant money though 1960s onwards are easily obtainable and thus have a much more modest value. As with all collectables there are exceptions to these rules and we are always happy to advise and answer any queries.

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We can then offer you two different ways to attain the best price possible for your collection of old football programmes and / or sporting memorabilia.

Top cash prices paid or alternatively use our unique auction service which GUARANTEES you the highest prices possible with the added protection of a 50% cash deposit paid before any of your memorabilia leaves your possession.

Here's how it works.....

Having had a career of 30 years in the football programme business I have built up the UK's largest dealership We always require pre 1955 and other quality programmes for our thousands of registered customers. We will travel to any part of the UK to buy your collection. Immediate cash paid or bank transfer on the spot.

Alternatively if you prefer your collection to be auctioned I offer a unique unrivalled auction service that not only guarantees you the best price but also:

1, Give you an immediate 50% cash deposit of the value of your collection. For example if your collection is valued at 10,000 we will give you 5,000 immediately with the balance payable at the conclusion of the auction. No other auction house offers this service. The reason we are able to give you a deposit is explained in paragraph 3 below.

2, We will place your collection with the auction house best suited to attain the highest price for you. There are many different auction houses each with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. We have a good professional working relationship with all of them. Using our experience we will place your particular collection with the auction house best suited to your collection and particular needs and attain the lowest commission rate possible.

3, NO returns. We give a guarantee that ALL your collection will sell so there is nothing returned to you as unsold. Again, using our experience we will 'lot' your programmes in a way that will be attractive to both collectors and dealers. In the unlikely event of there being no bids for any of your lots our parent company. will buy them to keep our pledge of selling everything. Again, no other auction house can offer this as they don't have a powerful retail sector underpinning them.

Call David Allen today on 07831 872359 to discuss your collection or email There is absolutely no obligation and I am happy to give an appraisal and valuation of your collection for FREE.


Having been at the forefront of the programme business for 30 years we have a reputation for honesty, trust, discretion and an unrivalled knowledge and experience in this specialist subject. References can be provided.

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