When disposing of a collection you have a number of options open to you: you can either sell through auction or you can sell for a fixed price en bloc to an individual by private treaty. Obviously if you sell by private treaty there are NO auction house fees, NO unsold returns, NO concerns of letting this valuable collection be in someone elses hands without prior payment or insurance costs and you know exactly what price you are going to receive

Auctions can undoubtedly achieve good prices but they can also be a lottery. You are dependent upon the right people turning up to bid against each other otherwise your items will sell for much less than expected. That is assuming the right people actually know about the auction, are not on holiday, have the disposable income immediately available on the day the auction takes place etc... Each auction lot lasts for seconds and once the hammer comes down you are stuck with that price. There are no second chances.

Our parent company have been established 30 years and our programmes on sale via our website and mail order catalogues 24 hours a day, seven days a week so we know we will get the prices we want giving us the budget to offer you a generous price.

Indeed auction houses are a great place for us to buy as we pick up many bargains for the reasons outlined above. If you choose to sell for a set price then you are eliminating all of these risks.

If however you are convinced auction is your best route we can also offer this service. Having had 30 years experience of running the UK's largest programme dealership we have close relationships with all the major auction houses..

Your collection will be placed with the auction house best suited to attain the highest price for you. There are many different auction houses each with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. We have a good professional working relationship with all of them. Using our experience we will place your particular collection with the auction house best suited to your collection and particular needs and attain the lowest commission rate possible.

We can also:

Prepare a full inventory of your collection prior to it leaving your possession and take out insurance for it before the auction.

Give you an immediate 50% cash deposit of the value of your collection. For example if your collection is valued at 10,000 we will give you 5,000 immediately with the balance payable at the conclusion of the auction. No other auction house offers this service.

NO returns. We give a guarantee that ALL your collection will sell so there is nothing returned to you as unsold. Again, using our experience we will 'lot' your programmes in a way that will be attractive to both collectors and dealers. In the unlikely event of there being no bids for any of your lots our parent company. will buy them to keep our pledge of selling everything. Again, no other auction house can offer this as they don't have a powerful retail sector underpinning them.

Whichever method of sale you decide upon I trust you will give us the opportunity to advise and, if applicable sell your collection through us.

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